Friday, January 21, 2011

Obviously, he was hungry

I have been sitting at this computer all day  thinking, writing, thinking, reading, eating, thinking, drinking, writing, on Facebook and nothing...! No thoughts; blank! I wrote two drafts to my blog and a draft for The Examiner and deleted them.

My head is wandering and wondering, wallowing in self pity. Thoughts about not being hired; where are my callbacks; etc. are filling my brain. How are we going to pay our mortgage, bills, food, dance, and costumes and buy a bed (we haven't slept in one for almost two years)? My husband, who never gets sick, is searching for employment as well, trying to earn a dollar here or there and is now feeling under the weather.  A call from the elementary school sends Jason, my ten-year-old home sick. Television noise isn't helping. He rolls off the coach onto the floor in his sleep. OK, he really is not feeling well. (So bad when we doubt our kids) Another phone call from the high school enters me into slight panic mode, but it is Frankie, the oldest, using the school phone to ask if his cell came today. REALLY?!?!

Needless to say, it isn't the best of days or moods, but I am trying to regain myself when the phone rings once more. It is the elementary school for the second time. My baby, Sean's, Kindergarten teacher, Miss Grosso is on the phone, who, by the way, booked FM Entertainment for her wedding! She heard rave reviews on! Party Planet was my baby for ten years and is now closed which adds somewhat to my anxiety.

She begins by addressing herself and telling me Sean is fine, but wants to inform me of something that happened at lunch. "Does he like the pizza lunch?" she asks. I reply no, but now I start to question that because Jason hates it and he has a big influence over Sean. A few weeks ago, I sent him to school with a sandwich because he didn't want the hot lunch on the menu that day. They usually only like the pizza dippers. For some reason, the lunch aids couldn't find his lunchbox and gave him the hot lunch. Later they found his lunch, but sent me a bill of which I questioned: "I sent him with lunch that day. Why am I being charged for someone else not doing her job?" (I do love the dirty looks I get when I walk in that school.) Naturally, I thought the same mistake occurred today, however, Miss Grosso continued, "the child he was sitting next to had hot lunch, and had to go to the nurse. When he returned, his food was gone".  I know what is coming and burst out laughing, "Sean ate his lunch?" Thankfully, she has a sense of humor and was laughing as well. He denied it at first, but she got him to fess up. Apparently, he ate his own sandwich too!

Of course, I offered to pay for the other child's lunch since they had to give him a new one. My next question was: "Why did the child go to the nurse?" I was afraid he had some illness that would spread through my house like wildfire. Miss Grosso told me that he banged his finger. I can't help but wonder if my little gavone banged it for him so he could eat his food. Sean just came home from school with a smencil he purchased with the dollar I sent him to school with to buy ice cream at lunch. When I asked him why he didn't get the ice cream, he replied: "I wasn't hungry!" LMAO

Thanks for the blog and the pick me up Seanie Peppers! I just love my baby. My children are my world and I will do all I can for them to live their dreams. Below, one of my boys, Michael, at dance rehearsal:

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  1. Hang in there Mommy. It's our children who keep all of us mommies happy and wanting more and more for them. Your boys will give you so much love & pride in them forever.