Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Friend, My Hero!

     I watch you from afar, although you may not notice. I am overwhelmed with emotion for you, yet absent of pity. When I see you, I want to burst into tears, for somehow I can sense all of your pain, but I remain steadfast, because you need my strength. Your shoulders carry the burden of looming death, but they are the strongest I have ever seen. Your heart is breaking, yet full of compassion for all who need it. Your eyes are weary, but still see those who need you. This is my homage to you, for you are an inspiration to me!
     I know your words are locked in your throat when I say I love you. I can see it in your eyes and feel it in your embrace. Being emotional doesn't equal weakness. It is a sign of amazing strength to let your tears flow freely.  You offer your home, your wallet, your service, your devotion and your friendship while never asking for anything in return. Patience is the virtue that you have mastered. You may not see it at times, especially with your own children, but those of us who are watching do. I am envious; because I know it is something I aspire to.
     Opening your home like this is the most unselfish act I think I have ever been fortunate enough to witness. It is not going unnoticed. Not that you are doing it for any other reason except you need to and want to and feel no other alternatives are available. This loving and beautiful memory will be taken with him to the gates of heaven where his weary body will be ill no more! Although it has to be difficult for your entire family, your children are learning from the best possible person-YOU-how to be truly altruistic and you are admired for it.
     Unfortunately, it will be over soon. I don't write that lightly as it is as difficult to utter, as I am sure to live. Your house will go back to the way it was. Your families will go about life as usual. You will have your beautiful memories he brought to you and your children. But, you will have made such a dent in the universe with this tremendous act of kindness. An act I needed to write about because you are such an amazing woman and I have to honor you. I am so happy to be your neighbor, blessed to be your friend and fortunate to have you in MY life! I love you!

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