Thursday, February 9, 2012

Life Lessons from a 14-Year-Old

I have neglected my blog lately. Been busy writing for money, rather than love. Like a favorite pair of shoes in the closet that has yet to adorn the perfect outfit, so is this blog waiting patiently for the perfect story. And now, as is generally the case, one of my children has inspired me to send a little love into cyberspace.
As many of you who follow me are aware, my children are my life. They also happen to be quite talented in various forms of the arts. At this moment however, I am choosing to focus on Michael, number two son and my angel baby.
Normally the context would be surrounding his unbelievable talent; his stellar dance performance at this past dance competition or his landing the lead in the school play, or his beautiful voice that always brings me to tears. What are bypassed many times are his graciousness, kindness, humor and humility. Sure, they are noticed and lauded by his teachers and advisors: “What a great kid, he is so helpful, very funny, fits right in, popular, intelligent” and so on. However, Michael is locally famous for his dancing, singing and acting and rightfully so. He has mega talent and will be a triple threat superstar some day. (Mom has no doubt)
This past weekend, Michael taught adults how to act accordingly in the face of adversity. He displayed a level of maturity that seasoned and wise individuals only wish they had. At the dance competition, he cheered on his former dance mates from his previous dance school as vigorously as his new one. He congratulated them with a warm embrace and praise, while his previous dance teachers glared at their toes. He greeted every one of the alumni and senior company of dancers with a smile while a few of them jeered his pictures on Facebook or talked behind his back.
Michael is a force to be reckoned with, but not because of his natural God-given gifts. He is a leader amongst men, a true gentleman, a kind and warm-hearted human being with the love and grace of Jesus Christ within him. He is my son, my hero and I am so proud! I love you Michael!

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