Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Bucket List

I don't really have one; a bucket list that is. Maybe I'm too young in the grand scheme of things to think about it or maybe I'm just really content. I don't know, but lately it has been brought up quite a bit and the concept has me curious.

I saw the movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson and was somewhat touched, however, they are my parent's age and I am not terminally ill, terminally insane possibly, but overall healthy. On a recent ladies night while out with my muffs the term body shot was used (by me of course) and it was advised that I should put it on my bucket list. Another friend asked whom I had in mind, and I looked around the restaurant, didn't see my husband (who is the only person I want licking salt off of my belly and sucking a lime out of my mouth) and answered no one here.

On another evening with a different set of friends we set out to watch an old friend try his hand at comedy for the first time at a comedian graduation at The Brokerage Comedy Club in Bellmore. It was very amusing as all the new graduates took the stage. You could feel their stress and nerves, some more than others. When an older woman took the stage, she was a clear favorite with terrific delivery and she began by stating that she was setting out to do what was on her bucket list. She kicked it! (The show, not the bucket and there is more to that urban slang that I cannot write here) By the way, our friend Wayne was great! His stage name is Wayne Jude, so keep an ear out.

The whole bucket list concept is a tad creepy and too final. Things that have to be done before we kick the bucket? If you are living life, every day needs to be treated as the last. At least that is my opinion. Just because I haven't done it doesn't mean I want to. I have no inclination to jump out of a plane, eat bugs or run with the bulls! There are things I would still like to accomplish, places I would like to see and people I would like to hear the truth or tell to go eff off, but they aren't on a list waiting to be checked off before I die. Maybe I will get to it and maybe I won’t. I think I can be confident when I do finally kick the bucket that I wouldn't have any regrets. Would you?

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